Why do I keep multiple hobbies?

Hobby - a pursuit outside one's regular occupation engaged in especially for relaxation

Interests - a desire to learn or hear more about somebody/something or to be involved with somebody/something. Interests refer to things or activities that a person is curious or concerned about.

Why multiple hobbies?

I have multiple of hobbies and interests for various reasons. If there’s a huge rain outside or too hot outside, I would prefer to do some indoor hobbies. If one week I’m doing digital based hobby like digital painting, then the next time, I would prefer doing some non-digital based hobby like knitting. And one whole weekend in a month is reserved for self care or cleaning and relaxing. Simply do nothing and feel the moment. Also, may be new interests like swimming or trekking might come and may later become my hobby. Who knows!

Some famous people who have multiple hobbies or multipotentialite are Aristotle, Leonardo Da Vinci, Thomas Jefferson, Cleopatra, Eleanor Roosevelt, Gloria Steinem, Jackie O and many more.

And it’s okay to have multiple of hobbies as long as you are excited about it. Once the excitement is gone and becomes a burden or duty, then it’s no longer a hobby.

My hobbies changes as time passed by. Only one remains constant that is listening to music and the rest just comes and goes or sometimes comes back and goes again. I want to keep on exploring things which is interesting but we all know it’s not possible. We know at the end, we have to choose only few hobbies out of many as we don’t have that much time to indulge in many hobbies. And I wanted to do so many things that I end up being just a beginner in all hobbies. So this time, I tried to bring down my hobbies in four sections:

Leisure - You are doing just for fun or excitement. For me, it’s listening to music and watching videos.

Needs - You need to do this anyhow. It gives you value in life. It helps your personality or may be spend time with your loved ones. For me, it’s learning how to self care and self love, and spending time with your loved ones including Daisy(my pet dog).

Creative - To unlock your creativity. Learning to play guitar and knitting are my non-digital creative hobbies. And creative can be productive too if you earn passive income out of it.

Productive - You might like sharing your videos in youtube or selling your photos or something which you earn passive income out of it. You might like to learn Japanese or Spanish for it will help you in job profile. You might like doing exercise mentally or physically or spiritually which bring you wellness in your life.

And I arranged all the hobbies weekly based. Let’s see how far I can go with this. Else I will remove some from the lists if time doesn’t allow me.

Till then, bye. And thank you for dropping by. Also let me know if you are a one hobby person or a multi one. 🙂

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