Topics of VFX

The softwares you use depends on you and your school. For me, first I learned and am still learning
those softwares which our school is using and then I tried to learn
whichever I needed.
Today I'll write about the contents of vfx and then we'll discuss about
the topics later and within the topics i'll write which softwares we are using.

The contents are:

# Photography- *Rules of composition
               *Video terms
               *Light rules

# Matte painting-  photoshop and maya

# 3d projection- photoshop and maya

# Camera tracking- syntheyes

# Object tracking- syntheyes

# Fusion and nuke

# Dynamics and particles-3ds max and maya

# Realflow

# Final Cut Pro 

# Showreel- Minimum two shot

Hope you've got some idea about whats in vfx.
 Now I'm listening to this ( music. I was searching for an inspirational boxing music for practise in Adobe Premiere pro  and I found this. And I like it.
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