Before I enrolled in this field, I researched a lot. R&D is very important.
And I found this site (www.cgtalk.com) very helpful for a newbies like me. Check this website, its very helpful and you will not regret it.
After you have done your researched part, you must have
already decided whether you want to join school or
to learn through online. Its up to you.
And whatever way you choose, our roads are same and we
are heading in the same direction specially if you want to do vfx.
You should watch this video
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lzLhiWd9Efw and be inspired.
I know its not related with vfx but to be creative, this piece of advice is what you need.
And this will make you stand out from any other vfx artist.

Next I'll write about my vfx classes.
Thanx for reading.
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